Jamie Barnes-Saxon
Licensed Realtor

If you do not read past this paragraph the one thing you should know is that I am dedicated to helping others realize their dream of home ownership from start to finish. I take great pride in the 12+ years of memories, friends & education I have gained with each new relationship built through sharing that time with each and every client! This is not just a transaction to you, and it should not be to the person that is helping you through it. You are not and will not be treated as just a number or a sale to me! Give me a call, send me a text or email!

A short bio about me:
I began my Real Estate career in early 2005, but my love for Real Estate itself goes back much further. I would spend countless hours on the computer, looking at properties, homes, farms and ranches, and eventually made what was a hobby and a passion into a career. It was really an easy decision to move forward with something I already loved doing!
I am very passionate about the real estate business. I enjoy the learning and education side of the real estate business so much, that I well exceed the minimum Continuing Education requirements that OREC sets every year. It is important to me to excel in every area of study that can be found in the real estate business, so I made prudent steps toward receiving my certifications covering virtually any real estate topic, even as far as Staging!
I have found over the years as a Realtor, what is important to one client, may not have any importance to another, so the key was to listen carefully and to provide the needs of each and every client on a case by case situation, rather than offering a cookie cutter transaction.
I spend countless hours keeping up with the most current, cutting edge technology, techniques and education to ensure – YOU, the client receive the best and most up to date marketing strategies, contractual, financial and transaction knowledge; as well as the confidence that you are being represented with the expertise and experience needed to handle today's complex real estate transactions.

Over 10 years experience in helping people across the state!
Whether you are buying or selling a home or both, you deserve someone with the experience to handle the transaction, but that also cares about your needs, goals and keeps an open line of communication throughout the transaction. It is my goal to exceed your expectations in handling the transaction from start to finish. I offer a free one hour no obligation consultation whether buying or selling so that you can make informed decisions before moving ahead.

Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life. – Harvey MacKay

As an Oklahoma Country Home Realtor we strive to find you that perfect property which may take us miles away, or months to find, but our dedication to being beside you every step won't waiver. We believe our commitment to the client and what they are hoping to find; no matter how far it takes us, or how long is what sets us apart from other Realtor's and Companies. People shouldn't be limited by miles or time in finding their dream property, and it's important to us that we never make them feel pressure or limited in finding their future home! – Jamie Barnes Saxon